Midnight Photo-Shoot

I really need to take pictures again more often; I miss it.


Had a last minute plan to do some lightpainting late last night, the only problem is that the park we went to had a bit too much light pollution. So instead we ended up just chilling on the side of the road shooting some pictures instead. :)


This is the only lightpaiting that actually happened. ;

Added a couple textures. :)


Food Conference

Me at Expo East


I know this may have nothing to do with food, but I wanted to share with you all that I had a chance to broaden my horizons yet again. This time it was in Baltimore, Maryland at Natural Foods Expo East. We were there raising awareness for the One Degree Organic Foods brand as well as letting people know what tech we are utilizing to make this all possible. It was a pretty straight forward show with about 60,000 attendees after 3 days. I was a “booth babe” helping out where I could, and making sure the video we were showing played correctly. It was a great show and a great experience all the way around!


PS… Go Organic… seriously… it makes a HUGE difference in how the food is grown.



My Business Fakery

So I really am trying to get my life together for the last couple months… and its been teaching me a few pretty ridiculous things. First off, I have had a chance to travel quite a bit, and because of that I have been subjected to the superficial life of businessmen. Seriously, I don’t envy these guys in any way. They fly ALL over the world for work, then fly right back without having a chance to see anything or do anything but enjoy their hotel room view and eat unhealthy airport food. It’s a life that only seems glamorous.

But… At the same time, boy do they look streamlined at the airport! They always have their little rolling bags and they never check luggage. I decided about a month ago that I wanted to be more like these savvy travelers, so I got myself a rolling laptop bag to replace my disintegrating backpack.

So this is what I got.


My chariot? Or my ball and chain?

I meticulously unloaded my carefully organized backpack, and started organizing my new *business-like* bag. For a bit of time everything was great! I could roll along like almost the bigwigs at the airports, and I even scored a free coffee from a Starbucks chick. Life was good.

Fast forward a month, and oh have I learned the downsides to these bags. First off you have to walk juuuuuusssstttt right otherwise they can hit the back of your feet inflicting secret pain you don’t know about till later. Also, it loves to tip over forward when I have my camera equipment resting on top, making a spectical of me while I flail about trying to get it back upright. But I would have to say the #1 most annoying thing is that it doesn’t really keep ANYTHING organized. Everything just kinda flops into each other and makes a huge mess! I mean seriously, it’s just a constant WWE brawl in there between my multimedia cables and my computer charging gear. No one is left unpunished and all is disorganized.


Now normally I would say that going back to my trusty backpack would be the best idea… But honestly, it’s still not bad enough to lose my savvy image (I must admit, I’m a bit shallow when it comes to things like that) and will just have to figure a way of making things work.

I’m hoping I will learn of some secret way of making these bags work well. I mean there really has to be SOME reason all these business people use these bags. Maybe the trick is knowing all your crap is gonna mix, and just getting over it? Hmmm… Maybe there is something more to learn here…

Been a while…



It’s been a bit of time since I have been updating this blog. It’s original use was to keep my friends and family back home updated while I was in Australia as an SM. Then afterwards, the busyness of Strawberry Festival caused me to update this very infrequently.


And as well all know, as soon as you stop doing something out of habit, it’s a bit hard to get started again. I’ve been migrating between Windows, OSX, and Ubuntu for a while, and therefore my usual App to update this blog has been lost in translation.


BUT… I now have a phone that will allow to me edit this on the fly. SO… I’m pretty excited about being able to keep this up to date, as well as keep it stocked with small posts.


I guess we’ll see how it goes. :)





There really is something comforting about the rain that plagues this region of the US. It seems like it never stops, and days of sun are non-existent.


At first it would just get me down and feeling all melancholy. A lot of the summer here in Bellingham was just cloudy and full of rain. I would pray for sun and hope that I would be able to go outside the next day without getting wet. But alas… I only had less than a month of “summer” weather (sub-80s at best).


Now I find myself back in the depressing 24/7 weather, yet this time I don’t mind it so much. There is something about this environment that makes you become intimately aware of your emotions. I find myself swinging from day to day between motivation and melancholic depression. Funny enough, I don’t have a preference for which one is woken up with.


Its helping me get back in touch with the power of film over the emotions. I can understand a bit more how a film really can really therapeutically help someone escape their current situation. We all look for things to make us feel good, or better if possible, and for many people that includes a film on a rainy day that will make them feel good about themselves.


I wanna make films like that…